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CreativityThere are stories in this world yearning to be told.

I've had the joy of producing and/or directing several hundred videos and films, many of which have aired on U.S. national networks and around the world.

Telling stories is my specialty. View my credit list of major projects at IMDb.

And telling stories begins with listening.
I'd like to hear your story.


I've made numerous appearances to public audiences at museums, historical societies and television, including CBS Evening News and Morning Joe. Here's a sample from my appearance at the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Boggs Presentation at 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

All we want is a good story.


Can't find the missing piece?No one is an island.

Everyone needs a sounding board--someone who can resonate and provide constructive criticism. The way out of the box is usually not visible to someone who's inside it. How could it be?

Story becomes a motif for problem-solving. Where have we been? Where do want to go?

Will we have a happy ending?


"Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger."

–Ben Okri

Donald BoggsI have sat in a loaf-shaped hut in a Maasai kraal attentive to an elder telling a generations-old story to his many children. This oral tradition has changed in most of the world and indeed I have myself been awestruck upon viewing Maasai warriors seeing their first motion picture. Sharing the story of that moment is powerful.

We make sense of our world through story. We communicate our cultural values through story. I believe we are our story and the promising field of narrative psychology suggests this is true.

My Latest Feature Documentary Film

In a Silent World documentaryMusician Marshall Lawrence and his wife Terry, a Communication professor, were excited to welcome newborn Rachel into their world.

But because of Rachel's deafness, they were forced to enter hers.

Watch on Amazon Prime!



So many themes in story: the journey home, the quest, survival against all odds, unexpected transformations and more.

But all of these still come down to the instrinsic themes we live and die by:

Love and Fear.  

Thaumastos Films

Thaumastos Films

I created Thaumastos Films, LLC to produce documentaries and other films.

Thaumastos is Greek & is often translated as "wonderful." A better interpretation might be "moving the beholders to their deepest emotions."
Thaumastos Films

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About Me


Donald BoggsDonald Boggs started telling stories when he was a child. Some were even true! He has worked professionally as radio station manager, announcer, newscaster, consultant, writer, TV/Film Producer/Director and university professor. Boggs has received 2 Emmy® awards and over 20 Gold, Platinum, and Multi-platinum awards. He has traveled professionally to over 40 countries, and received Anderson University's first MOSAIC (Multicultural Opportunities to Strategically Actualize Intercultural Competence) Award "in recognition of the many ways your insight and pursuit of truth through storytelling has shaped the lives of our students and the life of Anderson University."

My Mission

(within the tension of independent documentary)
Vision as an AnchorI resolve:
  • to follow the story wherever it may lead,
  • but to stay true to the core of the story;
  • to present it with the highest quality possible,
  • but never to sacrifice the truth to make it more popular;
  • to reflect seriously on diverse perspectives,
  • and to maintain editorial independence at all times.

A Diverse Sampling of My Work as Producer & Director

A Ripple of Hope

Feature Documentary

Robert F Kennedy and Frank Mankiewicz after receving news of King's deathAdvised against appearing before an inner-city crowd in Indianapolis the night Martin Luther King was assassinated, presidential candidate Robert Kennedy delivered an extemporaneous speech that brought a sense of peace to the city.
A Ripple of Hope has aired in nearly 40 countries.

View the trailer

Rivers of Joy

Long Form Music Video 

Rivers of Joy Long Form Music VideoBill & Gloria Gaither, the Gaither Vocal Band, the Barrett Sisters, Michael Kelly Blanchard, Candy Christmas, Jessy Dixon and others. Storytelling through songs, tears and laughter. The first religious video to reach #1 on the Billboard top music video chart. Certified Gold and Platinum by the RIAA.

View an excerpt

Reaching for the Future

Documentary Short

Reaching for the FutureAfter the unexpected death of her husband, Margaret Lewis moves to rural Kenya to find peace among other widows and discovers the Kenyans' greatest need is education for their children. After 12 years, the first high school class graduates from the Dr. David Lewis Heritage Secondary School.

An inspiring and moving film.

View the film 

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